Black Front Doors

pretty world
Coming home is always a wonderful feeling. Pulling in the driveway, walking through the front door…
pretty world
That’s why we think the front door is so, incredibly important!
pretty stuff
We’ve been ruminating over color choices for the front door of the Beaufort house. It is white, white, white, and, looking at these homes, we can’t think of anything more classic and striking than a black front door. If you’re looking to do a little sprucing to your house too, it’s a great time to consider home improvement loans.
Pacific Peninsula Group – David Buergler Architect
It’s gorgeous on these white backdrops, but, really, we can’t think of any facade where a black door wouldn’t look great.
Southern Grace
The little black door…
Jeffrey Alan Marks
It’s the little black dress of entryways.
It’s a bold statement to mark the passage between the outside world and your indoor sanctuary.
It’s the dividing line between outside stress and indoor relaxation.
We can’t think of a better way to say, “Welcome home!” 
We hope you’re all lounging around in your fat pants after a resplendent day of turkey and a few too many treats. Happy weekend!


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  1. What a beautiful post! All of our doors are black both inside and out except for our very front door, it’s a burnt autumn orange and I love the pop of color!


  2. lovely houses! :)))

    i invite to me too

  3. Beautiful architectures. I love the classic proportions of these houses. A black door is so elegant in any type of architecture… you just reminded me that my black entrance door needs a little touch up.
    Will be following your blog..

  4. The first thing we did when we moved into our red brick, English syle home was to paint the orangey oak front door black. At first, as I drove in, I kept thinking we left the door wide open until we got used to it being darker! LOL!


  5. OUR DOOR AND SHUTTERS ARE BLACK HERE AT THE BLH! And…..the inside of the front door is black.
    We love the feel it gives!
    The homes on this post are perfect examples to demonstrate how black doors bring the homes UP to the next level!

  6. They are so beautiful and elegant!

  7. I adore black doors-both inside and out. The doors of our current home are all fir, so we have left them natural as they’re quite beautiful, but our last home had plain white builder basic panelled doors. With a coat of black paint, they looked amazing!

  8. I’d love to know where that “pretty stuff” house is. A Greek Revival portico with Ionic columns, a black shuttered door and wheat sheaf fence is so very New England. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Love white homes with black doors and yes, I have my fat pants on!

  10. You are so right! My favorite is that dark, dark Charleston green that is almost black. Yum…

  11. seen en masse really hones in the beauty of black doors, especially a high gloss
    lovely post!

  12. Love this post…Black front doors are a favorite of mine…love them as interior doors as well…Have missed catching up…life just gets in the way. Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Mona

  13. Great topic! Love the Southern Grace front door. I think we are going to do black also on our front door and interior doors. -Tonya

  14. OHHH! I love these photos! I too like black doors! SO sleek and yes they are so like the little black dress. Classy and they always look crisp against the colors from the garden or planters…Fun post!

  15. OH, you gals just keep getting better and better! I love all of these homes! FYI. Starting tomorrow, I am going to do a “cyber” promotion on art. Any art purchased will be free shipping! This can be a large savings, as art is very expensive to ship! Hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as you two are!!!

  16. I agree a glossy black door always looks elegant and elevates everything around it.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  17. Love the entrance out to the road!

  18. I have a high gloss black front entry door in Atlanta. My house is gray with white trim and a pair of glass doors painted black.

    It is a classic-never go wrong with the ‘little black’ entry door.

    xo, lissy

  19. Oh my gosh, I would love to come home to these houses! I agree, a black door is the way to go. It is so striking and classic. Hope you all had a great holiday!

  20. Goodness gracious, I love every one! The second is my favorite with the yellow. Perfection.
    I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  21. Love them! Want to black doors inside next too! Tracey xx

  22. classy & elegant

  23. Love black doors. These homes are all so beautiful especially the first one.

  24. What a great way to put it.. little black dress of doors.. you gotta have one.

  25. I’m late to this party but I love black doors and the images you’ve shared are fabulous! Such pretty homes attached to these doors. :-)
    Hope your holiday was yummy and fun.

  26. LOVE these houses and the first one just takes my breath away!

    Great post!

  27. Fabulous!

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