Bamboo Blinds

Sullen Gregory Design
Our trip to the Beaufort house this weekend has us thinking about windows… 
Phoebe Howard Design
Mostly because the majority of the progress this time was new windows, new windows, new windows. (And the new casings, exterior wood siding, etc. that goes along with them!)
Phoebe Howard Design
All this talk about windows has us thinking about what’s going to go around those windows inside.
House Beautiuful
We can’t think of anything better to frame coastal views with than bamboo blinds! 
Mancini Design
Against a white or light colored wall or window, we love the dark, deep pop of the perfect shade of bamboo blind.
We adore bamboo blinds alone on a window where curtains won’t do.
Bella Mancini Design
Bamboo blinds are fabulous in a child’s room — especially when that child is small enough to want to pull up on curtains that reach the floor!
Nate Berkus
Our favorite use of bamboo blinds is in combination with white drapes — which is precisely what we think we are going to use in Beaufort. We love the idea of that kind of uniformity from room to room.
Brabourne Farm
Blinds are great for adding a sense of height and space to a room — especially when you hang them as high as possible!
The Decorologist
They may be great for creating privacy and shade, but we prefer our bamboo blinds pulled way up to the top of the window to let in the light!
We hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


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  1. I absolutely LOVE bamboo blinds! I keep saying I”m going to add them to my house…even with the window treatments I already have! You’ve picked a great choice!

  2. awesome! ; ]

    new post !!

  3. I love them combined with the white drapes and browns…beautiful!

  4. Love adding an extra layer with bamboo blinds- even if you don’t need them!

  5. I love bamboo blinds, they are so wonderful and versatile. Btw, Phoebe Howard always has the best paint colors, : ) Amal

  6. Thank goodness for bamboo shades! I’ve used them in many projects, and they are so versatile and warm.

  7. Congrats on the continued progress withe the Beaufort house. Windows! How exciting – for letting the light in and peering out of at your pretty view. I like the bamboo shades and agreed that they are especially lovely with white drapes.
    Happy Monday! XO

  8. This post is so up my ally! I am just about to order some for my kitchen…love them and your pics!

  9. Looks great, The idea of bamboo blinds together with white drapes give your window looks sophisticated for me.. I really love the way you did in your window, I think i can use it together with my made to measure curtains to my house.

  10. it does seem that bamboo shades are now a classic and matching them with white drapes will be beautiful in beaufort!

  11. they truly are fabulous with drapes or without–i know you will love them!


  12. Very nice.. alone or with a drapery. They look great in those white kitchens!

  13. I totally agree, bamboo blinds are great! We just used one in our bathroom. They are such and affordable option too. Yels x

  14. I’ve never thought of having bamboo blinds, but I love the look in these photos.

  15. Great post – love love love bamboo in any form or fashion.

  16. We have bamboo blinds throughout our home and love them. Beautiful examples you’ve shown.


  17. Yup…..classic! I’ve had mine for 15 years……

  18. I had them in my old house and they were so easy.I like them best with some drapes to make them appear a little softer and warmer.

  19. I love these blinds. Wonder if in 10-15 years we are going to say, that was so 2010-12! but I love them to the ceiling with drapes, for just about any application.
    Love your images, pinned many of them!
    xo Nancy

  20. I adore them too, and have them in several rooms. It’s so easy to either dress them up or dress them down. And I love the touch of rustic along with pretty drapes.

  21. I agree with the blinds with the white panels. I think they will look perfect!

  22. I have wooden blinds in my family room and wish I would of put bamboo blinds. If the hubby would let me I would. Love the chairs in that 2 image.

  23. I seriously can not think of a better combination then those blinds and white curtains and white walls. glamour,glamour,glamour!

  24. Amen! I would definitely add them to my much needed dining room windows, just haven’t gotten to that yet. I would put velvet drapes with them though with a strong punch of color since my dining room is way too neutral already. :-)

  25. I just dont think you can go wrong with bamboo! You have found some gorgeous images, pin worthy I might add. I think I will go pick up a few.
    Happy Tuesday.

  26. I really like bamboo blinds especially w drapes in an informal space, another laye.

  27. I wish that I could have those!! They look so beautiful!!

  28. You can’t go wrong with bamboo or seagrass or whatever…they just add another texture which I love! We have them in our lake house and our main home as well! Love them!!

  29. I a bamboo blind lover!!!! Don’t forget to check out my giveaway!!! A very special one!!! Ends Friday!

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