Holiday Style

We just got back from a quick weekend trip to NYC, so, of course, we are still starry-eyed from the incredible holiday styles!
classy in the city
Radiant gems, fluffy furs, dazzling clutches…
But the clothes were really what was so breathtaking.
But, then again, there’s always black… This frock is far, far from basic!
And sometimes a simple color with a daring shape and a perfect pump is an unbeatably stylish holiday combination.
pretty stuff
Or if you really want to stand out…! If you’re in the mood for something shining, sparkly, or simply, sedately fabulous, but don’t want to accrue credit card interest as fast as those pesky holiday calories, check out these amazing deals from Ted Baker
pretty stuff
Black and white might be one of the most timeless, chicest color combinations…
But nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a little splash of red. 
We hope you’re all having a relaxing day during this most wonderful time of the year!


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  1. i don’t say this a lot anymore, but i have to…KILL ME IN THE FACE. these are stunning.



  2. I LOVE those dresses!! I’ m including your blog in my international bloglist! Caroline

  3. Oh what fun – a trip to NYC during the holidays. Glad you got to see some Christmas sparkle and glamor. Most of our holiday parties are this week, so I’ve got my festive favorites all planned out. I’m going green this year, with just a pop of red on my Valentino-shod feet. Can’t wait to get dressed up! Have a gorgeous week! XO

  4. Love some of these. You are right though, you can never go wrong with the elegance of black and white! – Tonya

  5. A trip to NYC in December? Love it!! I love visiting all the department stores and taking in the window displays. Hope your trip was festive and fabulous ~

  6. This post is filled with gorgeousness. I love the red and the black!
    Isn’t the glitter and sparkle fun?
    Happy Monday.

  7. Sounds like a fun trip….I’m going to have to pin some of these dresses. Love so many of them!

  8. OK You never cease to amaze and get me going with passion!!! These “creations” are marvelous darling!!!
    and I agree that black and white outfit was outstanding….along with the entire post!! Thanks.

  9. What festive dresses – Just beautiful!

  10. There’s nothing like the city this time of year! Your photos are amazing! I’m all into sparkle these days!!

  11. I love all of these…but especially the first photo. Even when we stay home for the big dinner on the 24th we all dress up and have champagne….and celebrate BIG! Dressing up makes everything much more special!

  12. I need somewhere fancy to go so I can dress up like one of these fabulous images. Maybe I’ll take the husband out for a pre-Christmas dinner just us two so I can dress up. Great ideas here!


  13. New York during the Holidays if you can make it through the crowds there it so much to gaze at!! I just love this time of year there! Beautiful images!

  14. Really makes me want to get dressed up and go to a party!

    Love them all,

  15. Stunning – love them all. I wish we had occasion to get dressed up for Christmas in something like this.

  16. Oh my!! What an amazing selection of style photos!! Love them all =)

  17. Loving all the festive fashion – especially anything that sparkles! A glass of champagne would be a perfect accessory… and a great way to relax after a busy day.
    C + C

  18. As a fan of winter, the sparkle and extra flair that comes with party fashion has always appealed to me. Now I just need a few parties fancy enough to warrant one of these stunning frocks.:-)

  19. Love these gorgeous dresses – I thought sequence was so last year but actually, it’s still everywhere this year and I love them! Black is still my go-to-color if I’m not sure what the occassion really calls for, easy to dress up or down. :-)

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