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  1. so beautiful! did you see the Traditional House staircase where the banquet seat followed the design of the staircase? Look that up, it is SO you!!!

  2. clean lines

  3. I love the look…so comfortable and casual…I love it when it has a border on the sides.

  4. Gorgeous! I’m pinning them all! My foyer is not as grand but we need something classic on the stairs and I think this is the way to go…now I have to do my research as to how it wears with 3 kids!?!? Have a great week!!!

  5. Great look -

  6. pretty pics!!!


    i invite to me too

  7. that second photo is dreamy!

  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such inspiring pics! Have a blessed week!

  9. These are all so pretty and wish we could do this but our antique staircase is to narrow and shallow.

    Enjoy your day!

  10. It is a wonderful look! Love the texture and how it keep thing casual!

  11. All gorgeous! LOVE the photo with the black cat!

  12. It’s such a classic and goes with every decor!!!

    Happy Monday, gals!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Fabulous post…I was “pinning” fool.

  14. Sisal is wonderful and must admit it looks great, personally I prefer just wood or stone but maybe I am missing out… Always wonder how to clean under it and so on((:

  15. All are gorgeous. We need to do something with our stairs so I’m filing this away for the future. You always come up with some amazing post ideas and pics. How do you do it? Love.

  16. so inspiring! I have a stairway that is all but grand. I hope to turn it into something 1/2 as pretty as these.

  17. How is it that it looks spectacular on every single stair case? It’s amazing!

  18. i’d say more but i’m seizing from sisalswoonage. yum.


  19. If we had a staircase we would surly consider sisal! Practical and classic at the same time.

  20. I just love that clean look! I am glad to see that a cat can be comfy on it too!! XO Karolyn

  21. these are jaw droopingly gorgeous! I’m always amazed with how you find so many stunning pics.

  22. Beautiful, simple, elegant! I love the look……..

    The French Hutch

  23. Ok the end of that Barry Dixon runner just killed it! Wow! You find the most amazing photos!

  24. some fabulous staircase images. I especially love the sisal with the dark brown trim, very warm and rich.

  25. ~ looks great on steps and I imagine it cleans up well. Sisal looks so pretty layered and it really does warm up a room.

  26. Mel@Georgica Pond says:

    We have a staircase like these although a lot less grand and I had forgotten I was planning on a sisal runner, and was just going to see. But now I’ve been reminded how gorgeous it looks I think I might have to revisit the budget and get it done. These are stunning examples. Now just have to decide whether to do a border or not?

  27. Sisal with some interesting texture makes the space feel very cosy :)

  28. We’ve been debating wether we need to put a runner up the staircase and these images have inspired us to do so… That last picture is fabulous!
    C + C

  29. Wow, these are all pretty spectacular but the Gil Shafer and the Elsa Soyars images are my favorites. I come back to that Gil Shafer entry every time I see it.

  30. I agree. Nuff said. I’ll take any one of these fabulous staircases!

  31. All are gorgeous. We need to do something with our stairs so I’m filing this away for the future. You always come up with some amazing post ideas and pics. How do you do it? Love.indian names


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