If there’s one room in the house that gets tons of attention these days, it’s the kitchen. 

Holloway of Ludlow

It seems like has just finished or is in the midst of a kitchen remodel — and the more customized the better!


And that makes sense, really. Because we all do something a little bit different in our kitchen. We love the idea of one oven and extra room for a wine fridge. But that’s because we never use that bottom oven anyone! It’s sort of like a decoration…


One of our favorite kitchen styles combines elements of the rustic, English kitchen with sleek and modern finishes. It’s charming yet very functional.


If you caught our post on concealed refrigerators last week, you know we definitely think they have their place. And, while this stunning kitchen wouldn’t have looked bad with a regular refrigerator, the lever of customization of hiding it is so chic! 


Farmhouse sinks are fabulous in any kitchen. But the feel of this one is so wonderfully authentic. Love!


We’re assuming the fridge is hidden inside one of these armoires. So clever!


Who needs to go out when your latte is right at your fingertips? This would be good for me, so I could make it just the way I want it. Although, the Starbuck’s baristas are incredibly good about not rolling their eyes at my ridiculous latte order… I guess they’ve heard it all!


Islands are undoubtedly super useful — and very trendy. And they are so very versatile. This is a very unique use of the island space, plenty of storage but also room for the pretty!


Where are the appliances?! This is the kind of kitchen we’d love to eat in. Sparse, white and oh-so-clean! (Although we’d probably forget where the dishwasher was if it was ours…)


These pin lights are so useful (and pretty!) for keeping an eye on whatever’s on the stove and making sure it’s perfectly cooked.


Having a sink directly behind the stove is incredibly useful. And we adore those pendants! They add just enough contrast.


Why pick just one cabinet finish when the world is your oyster?! Mixing and matching styles and colors is great — especially if you’re a little indecisive!


We’re always torn between open shelving and cabinets. This kitchen offers the best of both worlds. We actually like keeping the pots and pans in plain view. They’re sort of like jewelry… Why have it if you’re just going to keep it locked in the safe?


There are coffee stations and then there are coffee stations. These folding doors are so amazing for tucking away the display when you’re finished brewing your morning cup.


One of the things that we think makes the single biggest difference in a kitchen (though we’re not totally sure why) is under-cabinet lighting. It takes the customization up a notch and makes everything look so elegant. Those skylights are great too for letting in the natural light.


Drooling over the stove… And that is such a great use of open shelving. Beautiful!


We think this amazing kitchen looks like a gorgeous little cafe. What could be better than frequenting it every day? 
Sure, you can call it custom. But we think bespoke is way cooler! What would your bespoke kitchen look like?
Happy Thursday, sweet friends… And happy kitchen dreaming!


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