Things We Love: Sinks in Islands

sink inisland carole lallie former editor in chief of food and wine magazine kitchen

Carole Lallie Former editor in chief of Food and Wine Magazine

 We think the island is the most versatile work space in the kitchen.

sink in islnad obrien harris

O’Brien Harris

 Perfect for sitting and eating breakfast or doing all of that chopping for your famous ratatouille, the island provides that big surface that we really need for getting things done in the kitchen.

sink in islnad bhg


So what could make that favorite work space even more versatile? 

sink in island apd archit

APD Architecture

Why an extra sink, of course!

sink in island

I actually think that mine has come most in handy when getting ready for a party. I’m always cutting flowers in one sink at the last minute while the other is being used for food prep. (And whoever is cooking is usually pretty excited that I waited until an hour before the party to start to arrange them. But these things need to be fresh.)

sink brass fixtures not sealed to allow gorgeous patina

 Ours also comes very in handy because little Will likes to “wash dishes” in the island sink while we’re cooking dinner. And it’s little enough that filling it half way up doesn’t waste much water. It’s the best trick to get toddler hands squeaky clean! 

sink in islandmithcell wall architecture and design

Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

And, you know us, one of our favorite reasons to have a sink in the island is for the pretty faucet. It really is so nice.

sink in island urban gracc inteiors

Urban Grace

Speaking of pretty… It doesn’t get much better than farmhouse sinks. You’ve heard of dueling pianos. They could have dueling chefs in here! We’d like to come to that dinner party!

kitchen amy meier desig

Amy Meier Design

We love the island sink, but it’s impossible to ignore the open shelving with the gorgeous pink china.  

kitchen color  madeline stuart and assoc

Madeline Stuart and Associates

A stainless island and faucets with a double sink is perfection!sink in island tim


 Of course, the sink in the island is also a great alternative to the sink in another part of the kitchen. It makes it so convenient to all the appliances in the kitchen.

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  1. We now have our sink in our Island and MC and I love it! It simply WORKS!

  2. Oh I love love this idea!

  3. omg the edge on that second island…to die for. i love getting my daily dose of sophisticated whites!


  4. Some beautiful islands for us to gaze on today! Love the brackets on the one with the pink!

  5. Thanks for featuring my kitchen!

  6. love the one with the x brackets + thanks

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