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While sometimes good taste can mean doing things the same way as always, there are other times, like in the case of designer Cari Berg, when we’d venture to say that stepping outside the box a little is what sets the style apart.

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Like we would never have thought of using an ottoman under a piano or a settee to double as a coffee table and lounging spot in front of the fire.

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Beautiful bar stools in a fun pattern add a burst of personality to a kitchen bar.

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A burst of yellow lends personality galore to any room, but we particularly love it in a kitchen.

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These seats prove that stools don’t have to be hard or backless to be stools. They can be cushy and cozy and super comfy. 

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An unexpected light fixture can set the tone of any room, but, especially in the kitchen, where there are fewer opportunities to make a mark, it can be especially powerful.

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Gray and white can be grown-up and sophisticated, but, in a wide stripe, is perfect for kids. We love the addition of yellow as well!

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On the flip side, bunkbeds can be juvenile, but, when properly designed are uber chic!

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We’d venture to say that turning the commode into a moment can be tricky. But Berg nails it!

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Loving everything about this room, especially those lucite stool legs!

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Berg can do sophistication with the best of them, but this room comes back to that bit of the unexpected. It packs a powerful punch of color while maintaining its chic appeal.

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Speaking of uber-chic, there are cabanas and then there are cabanas… This may be one of the most fabulous we’ve ever seen! We’re traveling to one of these today for a little break from the winter cold–and thinking of all of you all along the way. Wishing you a wonderful week, wherever you are!