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Waterfront Home Tour, Inspiring Chef’s Kitchens and More!

Waterfront Home tour with Kitchen with brass accents
Cindy Rinfret Design


Waterfront Home Tour


Green painted kitchen cabinets


Inspiring Chef’s Kitchens


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Decorating With Pattern


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Hamptons Homes With Amazing Bathrooms


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Inspiring Laundry Rooms


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Love Actually Is Finally Getting a Sequel



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Things We Love: The Heart of the Home

Studio McGee

Hi, friends! Is the kitchen the heart of your home? It definitely is in our houses.

Tara Fingold

We don’t know why it is that people always tend to gather in the kitchen, but, when your kitchen looks like one of these, it’s no wonder, really!

Adore Magazine

You know we’re a big fan of neutrals, but of all the places to be white and clean and streamlined, the kitchen is our favorite. 


(We have glass jars with scoops like these. We love the way they look and they are also super convenient.)

Mariann Simon Design

We don’t know about you, but we spend so much time in our kitchens. We love walking in to total simplicity, and, for us, a mostly white kitchen is simple and chic.


Emily Followill Photography

The juxtaposition of white cabinets with these fabulous brick and wood floors is gorgeous.

Chango & Co

We are gigantic fans of a farmhouse sink, and this one is totally on point!


Ok. Now we’re thinking our glass jars need an upgrade. Forget the lentils, rice and beans. Bring on the Oreos!

Lisa Luby Ryan

No window? No problem. This mirror adds light and makes the space feel larger!

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

We love bobbin chairs, but bobbin barstools? Obsessed!

Sam Allen Interiors

This marble backsplash is stunning!


If you’re worried about your white kitchen looking boring, just make sure to mix up the texture. It adds tons of interest. A little something green never hurts either! 

In Good Taste:Park and Oak Design

Even their name conjures good feelings. Park and Oak Design. It sounds like a firm that brings the outdoors in. That creates simple yet beautiful design schemes that feel totally livable.

It’s kind of like judging a book by its cover. You’re really not supposed to but, sometimes, the cover does give you a really accurate glimpse into what the book is about.

In this case, we judged a firm by its name. And like that book cover, it did give us a pretty accurate glimpse into what was to come.

If we had to pick one word to describe Oak and Park Design, we think we’d choose… airy. (It’s hard to choose one word, especially when you’re used to getting 85,000 to describe things.)

There’s a minimalistic air about this firm’s work that we find incredibly appealing and totally refreshing.

A modern streak runs through all of these designs that pairs well with traditional touches.

And you know how we love our subway tile!

We love how simple this kitchen is. You can never go wrong with black, white and a touch of natural fiber.

It took us a while to warm up to the idea, but we are now big fans of mixing metals. This kitchen is case and point!

These pendants are perfection.

Speaking of pendants, this is one of our favorites. It’s even more stunning in real life!

Saarinen tables are always a favorite. Sleek, modern and totally functional, they’re a great pick for a breakfast room, especially one that isn’t huge.

The right combination of high and low, rustic and modern, this gorgeous bathroom is the perfect mix of favorite elements blended together in just the right way.

A great wallpaper can totally make a bathroom. We love the vintage feel of this marble sink. The simplicity of these fixtures is a perfect complement to the fun wallpaper. All in all, we think you’ll agree that the work of Park and Oak is in good taste. Which is your favorite room?

We hope you’re having a great day and staying warm! 

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Our 50 Most Popular Design Images of the Year

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Things We Love: An Organized Kitchen!

Steven Gambrel via AD


Oh, yes. We had to start sometime, didn’t we? With the organization posts? Because what is 2017 if not the perfect year to create a home that you absolutely love?

Carolyne Roehm via OKL


For us, that love starts with our cabinets. Every year. Well, not every year. Some years it’s our drawers. Or the pantry. But you get the idea.



This year, for me, it was the vitamin cabinet. Because I have every vitamin or supplement known to man. I’m just not great at following through with taking the entire bottle… But I’m better than my husband. Literally every new year he buys a 30-day supply of a swanky men’s multi at Whole Foods. And, every year, I chunk the expired bottle–with about 27 pills left in it. So now that’s done. Shew.


At our house, this year, the number was three. Three big, black contractor bags full of things that had to be thrown out and taken to the street. Nothing will make you vow to buy less stuff than seeing three bags of it on your sidewalk for 48 entire hours because you forgot that there was no trash pick up on Monday since it’s was NYD observed.

Skurman Architect


After the vitamin cabinet, it was the pantry. This is little Will’s favorite area to help with, so that’s kind of nice. He gets sidetracked pretty quickly by some old fruit snacks or something that he’s begging me to let him eat, but, until then, he’s really good at helping me line up all the glass jars just so. They all match, and it is my favorite thing to peek inside that perfectly organized pantry and see all of those clean, lined up glass jars. Sometimes I walk in there and look at them when I’m stressed. True story.

Studio Dearborn


We actually use all of our spices, marinades etc. By “we” I, of course, mean my husband. I get on a cooking kick around January 3 and by about January 5 I’ve remembered how much I hate to cook and the job is turned over to him again. In fairness, he loves it. And if we have mustard, pickles and some nearly expired cumin in the house he somehow turns it into a magically delicious meal. Which is good because, incongruously, though I don’t do the cooking, I do the grocery shopping.

Artichoke, ltd


I love it because when I get home I get to spend time in my glorious pantry putting all the food away.

Artichoke, Ltd


Since I’m not the cook, it would follow that the knives aren’t really my deal either. We didn’t even have to register for them because hubby had ALL the knives. We keep ours in a block way back on the counter away from little hands. You know, just in case. This would be a major hazard in our house, but it looks fabulous!

Artichoke, Ltd.


Dishes and serve ware are another area in which we pared down as much as possible this year.



You can just only eat and serve off of so many things, even if, like us, you’re a big fan of having parties. 

de Giulio Design


Once you become acquainted with the things you use over and over again–and, more importantly, the things you don’t–this is an easier task. Still hard, because, you know, everything is suddenly full of memories. But easier when your cabinets look all streamlined and clean and nothing is flying out at you when you open the door.

de Giulio Design


Now this is pot storage. We love this and want it immediately. 

Studio Dearborn


Still on my list (and in my Joss & Main cart): getting those pull out sliders for all of my cabinets.

Studio Dearborn


It is amazing how things just get lost forever in the back of those deep cabinets. Sliders make them so, so functional. I can’t wait to get mine!

Betty Lou Phillips Interior Design


Do you go on a decluttering binge at the beginning of the new year? Or are you one of those people who is so disciplined you don’t even have any clutter?

de Giulio Design

If you’re the latter, we are so jealous. Share your secrets with us! If you could use a little organization in your life tell us: where are you starting this year?

Thanks so much for stopping by today! We always love seeing you!

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