House Tour: Tim Barber, Ltd.

house tour Tim barber

Good morning, our chic friends! We have just gotten back from beautiful Spring Island, SC after attending a gorgeous wedding for a family friend. 

Tim Barber house tour

In the wake of the fun and festivities, the parties and, maybe best of all, getting to watch our family’s youngest member ring bear his little heart out, we’ve been talking about weddings and what makes them great. 

Tim Barber house tour

In weddings, and in homes, the details, of course, matter a lot. The perfect song choice for the father-daughter dance and the right molding. A beautiful boutonniere perfectly pinned on a steamed lapel or an exquisitely angled library light. 

Tim Barber house tour

Petals lining the aisle just so and windows expertly chosen to let in all the light.

Tim Barber house tour

But, honestly, it’s more than that. The perfect wedding and the perfect home are all about the way the details combine into a message, a cohesive narrative that makes people feel something, have an experience they will never forget. 

Tim Barber house tour

We always say, at a wedding, that the one, single thing that truly matters is the bride and groom. If they are having the time of their life then everyone else will too. It doesn’t matter if the food is cold and it pours down rain and the caterer forgot to deliver the cake. The guests take their cues from the main characters and the memory is a fond one.

It’s harder to say what that one, overarching thing is that makes a home truly special.

Tim Barber house tour

But, touring this stunning one by Tim Barber, Ltd., we’d have to say that it’s the architectural details. 

Tim Barber house tour

So, sure, everyone that walks in the bathroom probably doesn’t consciously realize that beautiful wainscoting sets it apart.

Tim Barber house tour

But the takeaway is that feeling of having been somewhere that is finely orchestrated. 

Tim Barber house tour

We love to think that people feel well cared for and comfortable when they are in our homes.

Tim Barber house tour

Just like we did when we left this stunning wedding.

Tim Barber house tour

Because, just like that very important event in the life of a couple and a family is ultimately a reflection of them, of what they love and how they feel about each other,

Tim Barber house tour

We think the best houses are just the same. 

Tim Barber house tour

This home, from beginning to end, the front door to the back porch, feels warm and welcoming. What, to you, makes a home feel special?

House Tour Tim Barber, Ltd.

Interiors: Artistic Designs for Living, LLC
Construction: Hughes Construction
Landscape: Scenic Scapes, Inc.
Photography: Laura Hull Photography

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In Good Taste: Brian Brady Design

If, for you, relaxation is all about a water view, then this is the room for you. Interiors as soothing and spectacular as the exteriors make this space feel like and instant vacation. 

But we’re learning that when you’re in a space by Brian Brady Design, every day suddenly feels like a holiday. 

Chic yet comfortable living spaces seem to be a hallmark of this designer and architect.

And there is no doubt that his work is in good taste. 

Architectural details abound in these perfectly curated homes, and the art hanging on the walls is just a beautiful as the touches that make these spaces so unique.

Mixed in with his classical architecture and classic interiors are moments of the unexpected. It is those moments that make these spaces unforgettable.

Leather is a chic staple but can tend to look heavy. These chairs incorporate this favorite in a way that takes up very little visual space.

White and bright is the mainstay of this kitchen, but these unique pendants give the eye an immediate place to go.

This lovely master bedroom incorporates classic blue and white in a way that is soothing, spa like and classic.

A master bedroom sitting room is a luxury not to be squandered. We can’t think of a better place to ease into the day!

When it comes to design, the outside is just as important as the inside. The slate walk is a welcoming touch on this stunning cedar shake cottage.

The only thing better than a gorgeous house is a gorgeous poolhouse! We’d love lounging by this one all summer long!

Nothing says “summer” quite like a fresh coat of white paint. It’s a welcome addition all year long. We are absolutely loving the good taste of this fabulous designer. What about you?

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House Tour: Watch Hill by Ike Kligerman Barkley

entrance of watch hill house

Watch Hill House via Ike Kligerman Barkley

We hope you all had a very happy Valentine’s Day filled with love, or, at the very least, chocolate! If you’re looking for a calorie-free treat today, take a peek at this fabulous Watch Hill House by Ike Kligerman Barkley. Every room is more beautiful than the last!   

living room of watch hill house


dining table at watch hill house


kitchen at watch hill house


family room of watch Hill House


office of watch hill house


Beach house bedroom


free standing tub


beach house bedroom


Watch Hill porch


porch Watch Hill


Watch Hill Rhode Island House


William Waldron Photography

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Photo by Lindsay Corrigan


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Also, if you want to know a little more about my new novel, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE (Simon & Schuster, April 25, 2017) take a peek at the video below! (It’s only like 90 seconds. No major commitments here!)

HouseTour:Oyster Harbors


If you could use a little sunshine in your day, take a visit to Oyster Harbor with us!  This Massachusett’s home, designed by Catalano Architects is warm, welcoming and has a view so spectacular you’ll want to sit on the porch all summer long.

Take a peek and let us know what you think!


In Good Taste:Dungan Nequette Architects


Summer has begun, and, to celebrate, we thought we’d introduce (or re-introduce) you to the fabulous work of Dungan Nequette.


What we love most about these architects is that they started their firm, “with a burning desire to get back to the craft of creating beauty.”


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