Four Poster Beds Add Style to Any Bedroom

Architectural Digest photo: Peter Estersohn

Good morning, chic readers! We hope you had a terrific weekend and are ready to start a wonderful week ahead. We don’t know about you, but we love Valentine’s Day. Or not even really the day so much as the whole Valentine’s season. 

Four poster beds in guest room
Cottages and Gardens Magazine

All the red and pink and gold glitter hearts and chocolate and wine everywhere. Everything for Valentine’s Day is so cute and chic and stylish now. This bedding is the perfect Valentine’s Day red…

four poster beds in Hamptons Cottage
Hamptons Cottages & Gardens

And this one is the perfect Valentine’s Day pink! We still remember being kids and and coming home with a huge bag full of paper Valentine’s sporting sappy sayings, some with candy, some with other Valentine’s trinkets. You never knew what you were going to find. It was wonderful!

bedroom by Tara Shaw
Tara Shaw via Milieu Magazine 

What’s even better is the fabulous four poster beds. We don’t think many things add a sense of presence in a room quite like a substantial bed.

French Provencial bedroom
Architectural Digest

 French provincial four poster beds add old world elegance to a bedroom’s decor.

black and white bedroom
New England Home Magazine

Black with a touch of gold is an ever-elegant combination that adds so much style to a bedroom.

Architectural Digest 

A beautiful four-poster like this fills up a larger bedroom with taller ceilings and accentuates the graceful roofline. It’s perfection! The pair of chests is perfectly proportioned too.

blue and white bedroom
McCann Design Group 

The four poster bed is incredibly versatile and, in a dark shade like this, is great for a boy’s bedroom–from toddler to teen and beyond.

green and white bedroom
Jenny Wolf Design 

Far from basic, four poster beds come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to suit any bedroom space. We love everything about this beautiful bedroom!

Are you a fan of four poster beds? Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter what you’re doing!


In Good Taste:Park and Oak Design

Even their name conjures good feelings. Park and Oak Design. It sounds like a firm that brings the outdoors in. That creates simple yet beautiful design schemes that feel totally livable.

It’s kind of like judging a book by its cover. You’re really not supposed to but, sometimes, the cover does give you a really accurate glimpse into what the book is about.

In this case, we judged a firm by its name. And like that book cover, it did give us a pretty accurate glimpse into what was to come.

If we had to pick one word to describe Oak and Park Design, we think we’d choose… airy. (It’s hard to choose one word, especially when you’re used to getting 85,000 to describe things.)

There’s a minimalistic air about this firm’s work that we find incredibly appealing and totally refreshing.

A modern streak runs through all of these designs that pairs well with traditional touches.

And you know how we love our subway tile!

We love how simple this kitchen is. You can never go wrong with black, white and a touch of natural fiber.

It took us a while to warm up to the idea, but we are now big fans of mixing metals. This kitchen is case and point!

These pendants are perfection.

Speaking of pendants, this is one of our favorites. It’s even more stunning in real life!

Saarinen tables are always a favorite. Sleek, modern and totally functional, they’re a great pick for a breakfast room, especially one that isn’t huge.

The right combination of high and low, rustic and modern, this gorgeous bathroom is the perfect mix of favorite elements blended together in just the right way.

A great wallpaper can totally make a bathroom. We love the vintage feel of this marble sink. The simplicity of these fixtures is a perfect complement to the fun wallpaper. All in all, we think you’ll agree that the work of Park and Oak is in good taste. Which is your favorite room?

We hope you’re having a great day and staying warm! 

House Tour:Lake Forest by Megan Winters


Fall is one of our favorite times of year not only for the weather, but also for the decorating! First Halloween, then Thanksgiving then Christmas then Valentine’s Day. (Well, I mean, you know, fall leading into winter…) There’s always something fun and different around the house to look forward to!


House Tour:In Black and White


When you imagine your dream house is just one type of house? Or could you imagine yourself happily ensconced in a variety of different types of homes?


In Black and White

We are so happy to have our fabulous friend Mary Ann from Classic, Casual Home with us today to share her favorite color combination: black and white! (We have to say that we’re partial to her furriest little black and white friend.) We have long loved Mary Ann’s beautiful blog and it is a part of our morning coffee-and-blog-reading  routine! It’s almost as fabulous as her Chez Vous home services–and her own beautiful home! When you’re over at her blog you must make sure you don’t miss a thing! Thanks, Mary Ann for sharing your well-honed eye and gorgeous inspiration with our readers today. We are all so lucky to have you here today!

Don’t you just love the stylish and sophisticated ladies of Design Chic?  I’m interested in anything that Kristy and Beth have to show!

So, I was flattered when they asked me to post about my favorite colors and immediately said YES!  I thought “favorite colors…but, I like too many.”  And then I thought “oh well, I’ll worry about that when I have to write the post.”  Like now.

How to narrow it down?  I recommend that my clients look in their closets for color inspiration.  In mine, there is a lot of black and white.  Hey, this is a good starting point!

California French Cottage

Black and white is timeless and enduring.


Black and Blue

We are so excited to have our friend, Kathysue Perdue from Good Life of Design, on Design Chic today! We love, love, love Kathysue and her fabulous blog. It’s a daily indulgence, and if it isn’t one of yours, it should be!  Kathysue and her precious husband are in the process of leaving their home of 37 years and building a new dream home. There is nothing we love quite as much as watching a house come to life! Don’t you? She is so organized about every bit of the process that we are learning a lot from her too! So, take a peek at her amazing black and blue and then head over to Good Life of Design! 

Have you heard the saying he is Black and blue all over? Well this girl loves the color of a bruise.

Black and white have always been a favorite color base for my home, and in my wardrobe. 
I find it so fun to add other colors to this mix, but I must say there is one color in particular that I love mixing with black and white and that is…
Dark Blues


cobaltnavy swatch


I tend to like a crisp, fresh, clean, traditional look in my décor, and I would have to add that description to my wardrobe as well, but I would have to add I am a bit of a grown-up preppy gal when it comes to my  personal style.

color-scheme-3-main black and white

I can remember when it was a faux paux to wear black, and navy together, and now it is considered quite chic.
This color combination can be fresh, and crisp, or it can create drama, depending on which color you choose as your dominant color.

Martin Grant:



Design Chic

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