In Good Taste: Les Ensembliers Design

dining room Les Ensembliers

Good morning, lovely Design Chicers! We hope you are staying warm and cozy if you’re one of our friends affected by the storm. 

Palm Beach kitchen Les Ensembliers

The good news is that good taste, like that of Les Ensembliers Design, prevails no matter the weather!

Palm Beach Dining room -Les Ensembliers

These designers utilize classic favorites like black and white flooring and blue and white porcelain, to make homes come to life. 

Palm Beach porch -Les Ensembliers

And can create an outdoor oasis every bit as beautiful as its indoor counterpart.

Corsica living room -Les Ensembliers

You know how we love versatility in a designer and this group has mastered that art! 

Corsica bedroom -Les Ensembliers

Light, bright and coolly casual, 

Corsica swimming pool -Les Ensembliers

Their talent really shines in these less traditional spaces as well. We can’t wait for this kind of weather!

ski house bedroom -Les Ensembliers

Everything about this twin bedroom is perfection! This looks like a great place to wait out a storm!

closet -Les Ensembliers

A closet that is beautiful enough to integrate seamlessly into the room? Sign us up! This cozy space makes use of every inch!

blue and white living room -Les Ensembliers

From an ode to classic blue and white…

gray and white wallpaper -Les Ensembliers living room

To the wonderfully abstract, these designers know how to mix and match to make everything fabulous.

closet -Les Ensembliers

Statement lighting in the closet?

closet -Les Ensembliers

But of course! Eclectic, fun and always fresh, we couldn’t be more thrilled with these lovely looks from Les Ensembliers. Are you dreaming of sprucing your space for spring?

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In Good Taste: Summer Thornton Interior Design

Summer Thornton

Last week, we had the best time touring one of the most incredible dental offices (that did not look like a dental office at all) designed by Summer Thornton. 

This week, we’re going outside the office and checking out Summer’s good taste inside the home. 

One of our favorite things about Summer’s designs is her use of color. 

Each room feels fresh, light, bright and never overdone. We love yellow! And we really love a chaise. So the combination of the two couldn’t be better.

This is an example of how a statement light fixture can totally transform a room. 

The color of this bar cart is phenomenal. All of the touches in this room are totally luxurious.

This is black and white done right. Summer transformed this nook into a destination.

A gold fume hood? Yes please!

Who thinks of a stairwell as a fun cheery spot you don’t want to leave? We sure don’t! But this stairwell is that and more.

Now, this is a closet! Is there a better combination than hot pink and leopard?

It seems like stunning closets might be a Summer Thornton specialty! 

A luxurious bathroom is such a treat!

What a sweet little girl’s room!

Talk about a nursery that grows as he does! Well, they might have to get him a little bigger car eventually… But, otherwise, it’s perfection! Don’t you love the good taste of Summer Thornton? We knew you would! Thank you so much for making Design Chic a part of your day. 


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In Good Taste: Amy Berry Interior Designer

entrance with Bunny Williams round table of Amy Berry Interior

We could tell pretty much everything we needed to know about Amy Berry’s style from her skirt and her dog. When we heard that she was one of House Beautiful’s “next wave” designers, we weren’t even a little bit surprised.

four club chairs with living room - Amy Berry Interior Design

Good taste is pretty clear at first sight.

living room with large map and orchid -Amy Berry Interior Design

And one glimpse at any of Amy’s perfectly curated rooms, and we could tell that she was the kind of designer whose rooms we would watch, study and come back to again and again.

sunroom with labradoodle and oomph side table

In addition to giving us Spring Redesign Fever, she has also given us puppy fever. Have you ever seen a face this sweet? 

kitchen with marble countertops and farmhouse sink

A hoard or flowers can only make a home more beautiful. We can only imagine how beautiful these will be around the house.

kitchen bar with marble countertop- Amy Berry Interior Design

A well stocked bar–and coffee bar–is a necessity for guests and homeowners alike!

closet -Amy Berry Interior Design

Speaking of starting the day out on the right foot, this closet is completely stunning!

built in bunk beds -Amy Berry Interior Design

And you know how we feel about a built-in bunk. A built-in bunk with Hermes blankets is almost too good!

cozy corner in a nursery -Amy Berry Interior Design

Why invest in a changing table when it’s so easy to convert a pretty chest that will grow with her? 

office and study space -Amy Berry Interior Design

This office is the perfect place to work and play. We love how the storage space is maximized.

blue and white nursery with lucite crib -Amy Berry Interior Design

An acrylic crib is oh-so chic.

blue and white nursery with lucite crib

These babies will be dreaming in style! (Hopefully dreaming and not up all night…) 

nursery -Amy Berry Interior Design

This menagerie is too, too cute. And all the little clothes are so precious!

bla bla dolls in nursery

Too sweet for words!

bla bla mobile in nursery

We love a Blabla mobile better than about anything. Will’s was made of Carolina blue rams, a very appropriate gift for a family of Tar Heels. We aren’t sure which of Amy’s rooms we love the most. The good news is, we don’t have to choose just one! Which is your favorite? 

Thanks for stopping by today. We always love seeing you!

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In Good Taste: Talbot Cooley Interior Design

traditional living room from Talbot Cooley

Good morning, our chic reader friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope all of you know how much we love our readers! To prove it we’re sharing a heaping helping of great design today!

living room from Talbot Cooley

When it comes to wonderful taste, we know you’ll agree that when it was dished out, Talbot Cooley got more than her fair share!

living room from Talbot Cooley with lucite

Her interiors are rich and luxe without being over the top, clean and modern without being off-the-wall. We are swooning over these lamps… And the painting, of course! We can’t get enough yellow these days.

kitchen with steel windows Talbot Cooley

In short, every room makes us want to take a second look! It can be tough to find the perfect accessory for an island. This shell filled with orchids is a beautiful statement.

kitchen with wood island from Talbot Cooley

Wooden beam, stainless, lucite barstools, marble… All of our favorite materials in the same place! 

wood plate rack from Talbot Cooley

A little bit rustic and a little bit upscale, this kitchen is the perfect mix of elements. So chic!

dining room from Talbot Cooley

The simplicity of this dining room is so refined. It’s the kind of place where good food and good company can take center stage!

steel windows and doors in ding room from Talbot Cooley

Steel windows make such a chic statement. We think we love them most like this, when they let the outdoor light in!

Beautiful bedroom from Talbot Cooley

Cozy and crisp, this master bedroom is the ultimate in relaxation. The little sitting nook in the window is so sweet.

bunk bedroom from Talbot Cooley

What could possibly be better for kids than an adorable bunk room? This one is sophisticated enough to be suitable for adult sleepovers too! Check out more from this great designer!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for making Design Chic a part of your day. We always love it when you visit! 

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Also, if you want to know a little more about my new novel, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE (Simon & Schuster, April 25, 2017) take a peek at the video below! (It’s only like 90 seconds. No major commitments here!)

In Good Taste: Charles Hilton Architects

living room Charles Hilton Architects

Good morning, good morning, chic reader friends! We hope you are having a wonderful week. Ours is off to a terrific and busy start, which is really the best kind, if you ask us. 

living room Charles Hilton Architects

We are having a few days of weather in the 60s, which is a very happy occurrence for me, in particular, because, whether it’s 90 or -20 (Well, I mean, it’s NC, so it’s never -20…) I am outside playing tennis or golf or basketball, digging holes in the yard, finding bugs… Life with a little boy is never dull!

desk in bay window Charles Hilton Architects

The gorgeous designs of Charles Hilton Architects are never dull either, which is why we are always so excited to see what they come up with next!

kitchen Charles Hilton Architects

Are you big on open floor plans? Or are they not really your thing?

white kitchen Charles Hilton Architects

We always love chatting with designer friends about this because they tend to have a strong opinion one way or another. These rooms really straddle that line between open and closed, giving the airiness of a more open floor plan but still maximizing space.

office overlooking the water Charles Hilton Architects

This office is spectacular–and feels much more like being on one of the beautiful boats outside the window than inside a house. What a great feeling! (My boys would love this!)

blue and white dining room Charles Hilton Architects

Blue and white is a time-tested combination that can sometimes lean toward the more traditional side of things. The touches in this home give it that modern touch.(Did you see that lucite console and those benches? So cool!)

blue and white pool house Charles Hilton Architects

If there’s anywhere blue and white must live, it’s the pool house. This pool house remodel is so vibrant.

blue and white pool house Charles Hilton Architects

Fun patterns, textures and, of course, architectural details lend this pool house a fabulous personality.

guest bedroom Charles Hilton Architects

Speaking of personality. We’re loving everything about this room! Especially its versatility. The fabric and art are our favorite touches, but, if you took them away, the room would have a totally different–but still beautiful–feel. 

child's bedroom Charles Hilton Architects

Oh the views… Everything about this room is a cozy child’s haven that will grow as they do. We think a window seat should be mandatory for a child! I can’t count the number of hours I spend curled up in mine! (It’s no coincidence I have two in my grown-up house!)

blue and white bathroom

Just, yes… It’s all perfection!

pool and pool house Charles Hilton Architects

If the pool house is good the pool must be pretty great too, right? This one definitely doesn’t disappoint! And in only a short couple of months we can be lounging by one again! 

What’s your favorite Charles Hilton space?

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More about my new book, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE

Also, if you want to know a little more about my new novel, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE (Simon & Schuster, April 25, 2017) take a peek at the video below! (It’s only like 90 seconds. No major commitments here!)

Pinewood Tour and Why You Should Always Talk to Strangers

Good morning, friends! We are so excited to share this fabulous house tour from our friend Lucy at Lucy Williams Interiors. We always love her work and this Pinewood house is no exception. It is the kind of place where you want to gather friends and family to celebrate all the wonderful moments that life has to offer. 

Speaking of wonderful moments, we think that one of those moments is meeting new people. Which we did at brunch last weekend. In the “do as I say, not as I do” category, this is a prime example. My parents always told me not to talk to strangers. And they always did. 

Now I always do too. Constantly. In elevators. On a train, a plane, waiting in line at the post office. Even in New York. I know. 

So, as we were sitting outside on a beautiful morning at Beaufort Grocery Company, one of our favorite Sunday brunch spots, we started chatting with some strangers. It was January in North Carolina, so we only assumed they were from North Carolina too, had day tripped from somewhere nearby. 

When we found out that they were from New Orleans, we were more than a little surprised because, well, most people come here for the summer. They don’t realize how wonderful the stillness of the winter can be. Nevertheless, we recently visited New Orleans so I could take part in their Women’s National Book Association event, and everyone, everywhere we went was so incredibly friendly to us that we couldn’t help but mention it.

We could tell right off that these were those kind of New Orleans people. Warm and welcoming and so nice. 

It was a Sunday. In January. And those are a little slow around here. So we had them over for drinks, of course. 

And between the Rose and the pimento cheese, we laughed and shared stories and shared mutual friends–and then, in no time at all, became them as well. 

And now next time we go to New Orleans, we won’t be staying at the Windsor Court. We’ll be staying with our new friends. (It really can’t be said enough. New Orleans has the best people. Food too.)

And that is why you should always talk to strangers. We have met some of our most favorite people that way. Because after you talk they aren’t strangers any more. So then you really aren’t breaking any rules at all. 

Besides, there are times when the rules can be bent. Design is one of those times. Because, just like with new friends, if it feels right, it usually is. We think you’ll agree that this fabulous Lucy Williams home feels pretty all-around wonderful. We hope your Wednesday does too!


More about my new book, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE

Also, if you want to know a little more about my new novel, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE (Simon & Schuster, April 25, 2017) take a peek at the video below! (It’s only like 90 seconds. No major commitments here!)

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