“This Hamptons home was featured in Architectural Digest and designed by Thad Hayes.”
If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s stylish storage space. From stashing papers to stowing dirty laundry to concealing toys, natural fiber baskets are double-duty players when it comes to hiding your junk and displaying your good taste. They’re easy on the earth, easy on your wallet and go with every decor in any room. From the bathroom to the kitchen, there’s a place for natural fiber baskets in every space. Check out these beautiful ways to incorporate baskets into your design.


What better place to use natural fiber baskets as storage than in a boys bunk room? Savoie Architects must have had Mom in mind when they created this under-bunk storage space. These baskets mean that the boys can still stash their essentials (or dirty laundry) under the bed — but in a much more stylish fashion. This room was featured in Traditional Home.

Even if you aren’t into African inspired rooms, you can still take a note from designer Juan Montoya by using baskets as wall decorations. They’re relatively inexpensive and offer a three-dimensional pop to walls that could be bland otherwise. This room was featured in Architectural Digest.

If you’re looking to add some culture to your room, check out For African Art. The Agelgel basket below is one of our favorites.

African Art Ethiopian Agelgel Basket

great towel storage
In this bathroom, featured in Southern Accents, designer Mona Hajj took advantage of an attractive natural fiber basket to store extra towels right beside the bathtub. The rich color of the basket also gives depth to the clean white palette she used. For a similar look, check out this great laundry basket from Bellacor.

kitchen storage and display
We love how the natural fiber baskets in this kitchen, featured in Coastal Living bring the rich color of the floor up to the countertop. While this kitchen certainly isn’t short on cabinet space, the owners have still taken advantage of the additional storage baskets can provide — even over the refrigerator.

In the Haslan House, designed by Elizabeth Corker and featured in Traditional Home magazine, natural fiber baskets serve not only as beautiful decorations but also as a practical place to store produce and plates. These Rattan Baskets and the Tag Seagrass Basket give a similar look and can really spice up your countertop.