New Classic Interiors[

In October, I (Kristy) had the great pleasure of attending the signing for the fabulously beautiful New Classic Interiors by Alessandra Branca at Bergdorf Goodman’s breathtaking seventh floor restaurant. While everything looks a little better against the backdrop of Central Park, I purchased this book for all of my family and friends (and one for myself, of course!) because I thought it was a must have.

Even back at home, in my own living room, the extra-large color photos of Alessandra’s prominent projects and personal homes are a sight to behold. I gleaned several ideas for my own house for this book, and so will you. Alessandra doesn’t just provide readers — and lookers — with pictures, she offers advice garnered from her years of creating beauty everywhere she goes. My favorite tidbit: “You have to consider how people are going to move through a room.” Here’s a glimpse inside, borrowed from Ms. Branca’s inspired website:

Interiors “]New Classic Interiors Dining 1

This dining room is pictured both with slipcovers and without in the book, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes in this room. Ms. Branca literally gave this family two different dining rooms with one simple touch. Plus, the crystal ship chandelier is out of this world!

 New Classic Interiors Living Room 2

Here, Alessandra says, “You can get away with hot pink. You just have to be judicious.” This is good advice — I LOVE hot pink! But she uses it in a way that softly whispers “simple elegance,” not, screams “Wow, that’s a lot of pink.”

 Classic Interiors “]New Classic Interiors [

The glass cabinets in this kitchen are backed with linen scrim, so you get the look of glass without the pressure of perfect cabinets. What a brilliant concept!

New Classic Interiors Bedroom 1

We love upholstered walls and this apple green and cream toile doesn’t disappoint. The room looks like a serene garden.

New Classic Interiors Living Room 3

This is one half of a living room that is done with such beautiful, sophisticated fabrics, patterns and furniture, yet still looks inviting and comfortable enough to sit in. Alessandra says that “comfort is the greatest luxury,” and this room sings that mantra.

 Classic Interiors “]New Classic Interiors Living Room 4

This book gave me a whole new opinion about red. I used to shy away from it, thinking it was too bold to use — until I was awed by Alessandra’s use of it in a good number of her rooms in this book. Maybe red doesn’t have to be scary after all.

Pick up this book at Amazon — a portion of the sales from this limited-edition book will benefit the Ross Global Academy Charter School. Classic taste and philanthropic: she’s our kind of lady, that Alessandra Branca.