It’s always fun to find unique ways to spice up your decor. And, while you might think of oars as just what you use to paddle a boat, they can also be a whimsical way to add interest to any space.

These two beautiful water views are accented by the oars leaned casually in the corner. The first photo was featured in Coastal Living and the second is designer Lynn Morgan’s river view as photographed for New York Spaces.

Anything three-dimensional on a wall is instantly eye catching. In this seaside home, featured in Coastal Living, designer Kay Douglass ditches the typical painting or mirror that would hang over the couch in favor of oars.

This outdoor shower, pictured in Coastal Living gets not only a dimensional kick but also a punch of color from oars.

Also in Coastal Living, these beachcombers can be ready for a paddle at a moment’s notice and give their porch a punch of color with this red oar.

Oars are also the perfect thing to hang in difficult-to-decorate spaces. In the first room, featured in Veranda, designer Kay Hutchinson creates a focal point by hanging oars above the doorway. The home of American painter John Dowd, as pictured in Elle Decor, also has an oar hanging in the stairwell.

If you think an oar could be just the thing to spice up your space, we love this Caviness Basswood Oar.