Flowers, flowers and more flowers — there’s nothing we love more. So we’re always looking for beautiful — or, in this case, slightly whimsical — ways to display them. We absolutely love this Jacquard White Vase by Dansk, available from Lenox. It was a steal at $57.00, but, right now, on sale for $12.00, there is literally no way you can’t buy it! Plus, I have a Lenox outlet in my town, so I just went and bought one of these beauties, and the quality is fantastic!

While you’re at it, pick up a pair of these adorable Jacquard White Bud Vases by Dansk. They’re $9 for the pair. Seriously. We aren’t making this up.

Now, you know we are obsessed with Jonathan Adler and think he’s brilliant, but we kind of think this vase has a similar look to his $150.00 Belly Vase (below). You could buy 10 pairs of the bud vases and 5 of the full-size vases for the same price. Something to think about… We are in a recession, after all. Happy Saturday!