As Thanksgiving rolls around, NYC is calling. A family pre-Christmas shopping escapade over the turkey holiday was always a part of our travel repertoire — although, admittedly, the lunch was more likely to involve pate than turkey — but, for the past few years, we’ve been in NC minus the Y for Thanksgiving. Not this year! 2010 seemed like the perfect time to take my hubby on his very first Thanksgiving extravaganza! (Finally, someone to carry all those bags…)

Mom and Dad lived in the fabulous city for some time, but I don’t remember being a New Yorker nearly as well as I remember the trips later on — and spending hours perusing every last corner of FAO Schwartz. Over the past several years, I will have to admit that Bergdorf might have replaced that warm, fuzzy place in my heart that used to be held by the “world of toys” alone, but it’s still fun to go in and, just for a minute, be a kid again!

So, any advice for the trip? Anything that we simply can’t miss? Let us know!!

It’s supposed to snow over the weekend, so maybe we’ll get to see Central Park like this.

Without a doubt, I am the most excited of the group about the King Tut exhibit. I am a sucker for anything Egyptian (maybe it’s all that gold…) and I just can’t wait. Has anyone been? Is it fantastic?

Friday night is dinner at Serafina at The Time Hotel, followed by a little jaunt to the Golden Theater. If we were eating at Serafina Broadway followed by La Cage, we would be exactly like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — minus the yelling, of course! (Aren’t they just great, though?)

I think we’re all pretty thrilled about Driving Miss Daisy. James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave are such a legendary pair we just couldn’t miss it. I don’t know how it couldn’t be spectacular!

Sigh… There is no place on earth I’d rather eat a $35 salad. Can’t wait!

Is it possible for a store window to be your soul mate? I wonder if they would let me rent that window by the month and live there? It’s probably as big as some studios, and I don’t really need a kitchen…

Bergdorf Goodman’s Window

The Christmas windows are definitely one of the highlights of the Thanksgiving NYC trip. I don’t know how they top themselves year after year, but I can’t wait to see it done! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope, whatever you’re doing, it’s filled with people you love and wonderful memories!