Harmony in Design

There is nothing like the feeling of your feet sinking into a pile of soft, warm flokati, especially on a chilly winter morning. While white on the floor can seem like a bit of a risky move, especially in your more public spaces, the payoff is an elegant, slightly whimsical look reminiscent of fresh snowfall. 

Traditional Home
Filling up your living room with flokati might be a little overzealous for newbies, but the effect is so luxurious. That’s a floor you could curl up and take a nap on!
Campion Platt

Design Traveller

We’re big fans of using flokati as an accent piece. It’s a great way to get the look without covering the floors below — or breaking the bank!

Design Traveller

Gauthier Stacey Design

Joe Nahem Design

We love the idea of flokati in the bathroom, but I wonder if the fibers would get all stuck to your wet feet?

Jennifer Flanders Design
Pottery Barn
Palmer Weiss Design

We hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!