We thought this beautiful Monday was the perfect time to celebrate the second official day of Spring. There are so many things to celebrate, after all: warmer weather, longer days, open windows, sundresses! But among our favorite of favorite Spring things is the opportunity to savor all the blooming outside — and bring it in. One of our favorite ways to bring in the Spring is by cutting cherry blossoms and putting them everywhere. They’re so beautiful in any room and, even if you aren’t a great flower arranger, just plunking them in a vase looks artful and decorative. Very chic. They’re sort of the icing on our Spring cake… or the cherry on top… Even if the weather isn’t quite Spring-y where you are, we hope these photos give you some warmer weather inspiration. 

a dreamer’s den
Dominique Vorillon
dress, design and decor
Homes and Gardens

Suzanne Kasler’s atelier
All the Rest

Simply Seductive
Suzanne Tucker
Jon Jenson Photography

Happy Spring, everyone!