Vintage Home
From magic spells to princes in disguise, no fairy tale is complete without an enchanted castle. And while bigger isn’t always better when it comes to these dreamy cottages, the more ivy-covered the walls, the more charming the feel. I know the princess is supposed to move to the palace, but, quite honestly, I think I’d rather live in one of these.
my ideal home
What a lovely spot for a garden party on a pretty day.
The Steward
This is how I’ve always pictured Wuthering Heights. Beautiful and enchanted, but aged and with a bit of mystery hanging in the air.
Eric Roth Photography
I love this one because it feels like it could be right down the street, not (for us) an entire country away. Ivy or no, stone is just so charming.
dream a little dream

This is perhaps my favorite. It looks like the perfect little getaway in the English countryside. 

my ideal home

I wish I was having my morning tea at The Cottage Tearooms this morning instead of in my office.

life of polarn per
Now this is a pool house. And a pool. Simply divine.
Ragland Hill Social

This is where I picture Prince William and Kate Middleton living right now, picking vegetables from their organic garden.

Youre left I’m right

Or maybe the scale of this one is more on par. Not a bad place to play house.

The Steward

Croquet is not one of my best sports, but I think if I was going to take it up this would be the place for it.

 Simply love this look!

The Steward
Yes, the ivy is incredible, but have you ever seen anything like those doors? They’re so imposing and glamorous. We hope you all have a very glamorous day! Thanks for stopping by!