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With the warm weather creeping in, it’s time to start thinking about making the most of our outdoor spaces for all those summer barbecues and garden parties. 
Velvet and Linen
We absolutely love the look of graveled courtyards, though neither of us have one. Mom and Dad have this great, big, slate patio that is so perfect for entertaining large groups.
Donna Hackman Design via Southern Accents
Will and I have a garden area in a design sort of like this one, but it’s brick, not gravel, which will probably be better for the little one’s knees one day.
Bunny Guiness Garden Design
Every time we go home to Mom and Dad’s, though, we are jealous of their great entertaining space, because, while ours looks pretty, the actual patio part is only big enough for a table and chairs and a bench. We need more. Like a fire pit. And one of those awesome outdoor sectionals on the cover of Frontgate.

Leigh Clapp Design

So last night, we decided to go out and section off how we wanted to increase the size of our outdoor living room before we went for a walk. I’m almost 22 weeks pregnant now and my regular exercise clothes have suddenly become a little tight, but my maternity ones haven’t yet arrived in the mail.

So Will and I were laughing at my stretchy exercise tops riding up my belly as I was walking around our bedroom. He goes to his closet and calls out to me, “Hey, why don’t you wear one of my old Lacoste shirts that shrunk. They’re short and wide.”

Bunny Guiness Garden Design

Nice. Right? The perfect thing to say to a pregnant woman. He came out of the closet with that “Please, please don’t kill me” face and stuttered, “I’m not saying you are short and wide…”

John Glover Photography

He’s lucky I discussed the yard situation with him at all after that. 

John Glover Photography

And I hate to admit that that short and wide shirt was terribly comfortable. Long story short, I think it would be quite lovely to add some gravel area to our patio extension and break up the brick a bit. And these beautiful yards mix materials, so why can’t I?

John Glover Photography

Only problem now is going to be not having my image of my beautiful new patio forever tainted by my husband offering me his “short and wide” shirt on the night we were planning it out… But I guess there’s nothing to make a girl forgive and forget like a mint julep on her new patio furniture. Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!