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We love unique, three-dimensional accessories that really make a room pop. If you’re looking to add interest and height to a small, awkward corner or other space that seems to “need” something that you can’t quite place, mannequins can be an unexpected option. We like them best in the bedroom because they double as a great place to hang necklaces, scarves or your party dress for tomorrow night. Just make sure you don’t wake up in the middle of the night thinking there’s someone lurking in your room! 

Restoration Hardware


Miki Duisterhof Photographer via Country Living

Joseph de Leo Photographer via Country Living

Desire to Inspire

fashion leader

Does anyone else watch Bethenny Ever After? She just received one of these adorable iron mannequins for her birthday that is now in her bedroom. We love the iron ones because they are interesting all on their own, even if you don’t dress them up!


Kelly McGuill Galleries/ Heath Robbins Photography

Kelly McGuill Galleries/Webb Chappel Photography

my ideal home

Piet Boon

Love the hat on this one!

Vain and Vapid
vt wonen

Stella Nicolaisen Photographer

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