For smaller bedrooms, awkward shapes or multi-purpose rooms where guests might stay, no piece of furniture is as versatile as a beautiful daybed. Perfect for sitting or displaying statement-making pillows, the only problem with some of these daybeds is that they’re too beautiful for sleeping.

Blind Pash Interior
Love the Hermes orange touches. We are working on the playroom for baby Will (fewer than 20 weeks until his arrival!) and orange is going to be one of the accent colors. The orange end tables came in last week, and they are so cute! Can’t wait to show you all the progress very soon!

Design Traveller
This photo reminds me of some of the steep arches in the upstairs of my husband’s family beach house. What a charming way to use the width of a room where you want sleeping accommodations for one. I love all the white. When the ocean is the main focal point who needs a bunch of color in a room?
Kay O’Toole Antiques

Michael S. Smith Interiors via Architectural Digest
Randy Korando and Dan Belman Designers
What a truly luxurious room. Not having to take up so much space with a bed makes the room seem open and light.
pretty space

Tobi Fairley Designer
I love the monograms in this room. Speaking of monograms, one of my good friends got married this weekend, and her new monogram is mRs. Wonder how often that happens.
Vincente Wolf Designer
We love this shade of blue. I think it’s one of those impossibly grayish blue shades we were talking about a couple of weeks ago.
Simon Watson Photography
This looks like a great room for a sleepover. Even the floor is fluffy enough for sleeping — or staying up all night playing truth or dare.
Sarah Richardson Designer
Love all the stripes. Sarah never lets us down. Thanks for stopping by today! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day.