Tom Scheerer Design
If you’ve ever dreamed of being a famous movie director, this post is for you. 
DeCesare Design Group
So, no, most of us will never get a shot at being the next Steven Spielberg, 
India Hicks Bahamas Home
spending our days on set with A-list stars, creating magical worlds for viewers.
Made in Heaven
But that doesn’t mean we can’t be the director of our own breakfast room.

India Hicks Bahamas Home
Or, take a note from India Hicks’ tranquil Bahamas home and let an entire dinner party call cut whenever they see fit.
Life of Polarn Per
In a charming beach escape like this, where no-frills vacation seems to be the name of the game, nothing could top the portability of these lightweight seats.
Bamboo is perhaps one of our favorite directors chair accents for indoors… 
Miguel Flores Vianna Photography
Or out.
Whitten Architects
And the only thing that could be a better complement to a directors chair than a whimsical pop of color is a spectacular water view.
India Hicks Bahamas Home
That’s a wrap!