Vintage Home
It seems that, no matter the size of the home, whether small or large, everyone’s favorite place is a cozy corner for reading, cuddling up with a warm cup of tea or gazing out a sunny window.
McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier
It can be an intimate spot for two 
Molly Frey Design
or, our personal favorite, just enough space for a chaise.
Birch and Lily
 A bookcase nearby does seem fitting, 
Wick Design
so that getting lost in another world is only an arm’s length away.
Elizabeth Dinkel Design
But, in lieu of a collection of books, one or two for browsing will do nicely, especially when they’re on a table that is so stylish. (We have an elephant table in the nursery!)

Massucco Warner Miller

                                                      A splash of color is always nice,

Kendall Wilkinson Design
as is a splash of something a little decadent. LOVE the fur!
Elizabeth Dinkel Design
Or, perhaps, a furry friend for a younger nook.
Chris Barret Design
For us, though, it doesn’t matter how great the chair, nothing beats the charm of a chaise. It’s not inherently all that different from a chair and ottoman, but there’s something that feels so decadent about relaxing in a chaise.
Turquoise Tulips and Bliss
Whatever else your day holds, we hope you can sneak away for a few minutes to a cozy corner all your own!