Wendy Posard Design
My favorite professor in journalism school always wrote in brown. Black, he said, was what everyone used, and brown, while basic and timeless, still stood out.

Apartment Therapy
Now, certainly, we couldn’t live without our black, but, when it comes decorating, just like when it comes to ink, he might have been onto something.
Mary McDonald Design
We love Mary McDonald’s use of so many different shades to create a look similar to layered neutrals but with tons of impact.

Muse Interiors
This rug is absolutely fabulous!

Steve Gambrel Design
We always think of orange and pink as go-to favorites for pairing with brown, but these golden tones look great too. Another to-die-for rug, and aren’t those curtains gorgeous?

Phoebe Howard Design
In this bedroom, brown serves as the perfect compromise between masculine and feminine… Plus, we’re sure with the dark walls we could sleep for days!
Polly Wreford Photography
In short, from animal prints to Hershey’s Kisses, brown is a color we simply can’t live without!