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When it comes to kitchens, beautiful is great, but functional is necessary.
Luxe + Lillie
We all have our own favorite kitchen essentials that make our culinary conquests more pleasant — and tastier.
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A pot filler over the stove, a warming drawer for when dinner is ready but your family isn’t, the built-in espresso machine solely responsible for getting you to work on time — and awake.
But, let’s face it: When it comes to cooking, there are few things more essential than a great set of pots and pans.
 House of Windsor via Veranda Magazine
And if you’re going to pony up for the best double boiler and frying pan, why not get a little decorating bang for your buck as well.
Phoebe Howard Design
After all, it seems a waste to have all that bright, shining copper and stainless and leave it in the drawer.

Kim Kirby Design
It’s like keeping your best jewelry in the lock box.
Life of Polarn Per
That’s why we absolutely love hanging pot racks.
Nathan Egan Design
They are, to us, one of the best ways to combine form and function, displaying something that can be beautiful in its own right and ensuring that your wok is never more than an arm’s length away in a cooking crisis.

Because when it comes to all things culinary, we need all the help we can get.