Party skirts. Tree skirts. All those skirts have made us think about another very important skirt: the table skirt.
 Betsy Brown Interiors
It’s our opinion that, upon occasion, a room can get too “leggy.” 

Traditional Home Showhouse
Chair legs. Stool legs. Chest legs. Table legs. Sometimes it can get to be just a bit much.
Design Traveller
A beautifully constructed table skirt is a great way to break things up. 
Brabourne Farm
Plus, it adds a touch of softness and bounce to any room.
Camille Saum Design
A beautiful skirt can make the perfect backdrop for a delicious dinner, of course.
Martha Stewart
But is also a fantastic way to spruce up an entryway, whether you’re trying to add a dressier, more feminine touch like this,
Amanda Nisbet

Or a more casual, tailored look like this. We’re just wild about this fabric, by the way.

Michelle Nussbaumer
This light is unbelievable and, in a room like this, where lighting and accessories steal the show, a simply constructed skirt like this one is perfect.
Lisa Sherry Design
For a warm, finished looking dining area, a table skirt is a wonderful choice. Plus, a glass top makes clean up a breeze for messy eaters. 

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