Do you ever decorate a house, one that isn’t even yours, completely in your mind? Every time we have moved somewhere we’ve completely decorated every potential house in our minds before we actually picked one to purchase.  
These days, we’ve had beach houses on the brain, and, in the preliminary looking that we’ve done, have decided exactly what we think we’d want to space to look like. When it comes to coastal homes, there are so many ways to go: fun, colorful and vibrant. Neutral, calm and spa-like. Nautically blue and white. We love them all, but, for our daydreaming this week, we’re loving a living area that is mostly neutrals to show off the view, with a touch of blue.

When dining, it’s always nice to let the food be the centerpiece. We love the look of a beautiful farm table in a beach house, either with rattan chairs like these or even Tolix or Louis ghost. Doesn’t this look like such an inviting place to dine? Maybe I’m just jealous of the martinis…

Even though we aren’t huge cooks, a well-appointed kitchen is a must. Gray cabinets, white marble and a touch of blue would blend beautifully with the living room. Plus, Will is a great cook, so he needs somewhere functional to make those fish stews come together!

There’s something about a chaise lounge that feels so decadent to us. Maybe it’s because it signifies time for lounging, which, at our beach place, will be an absolute must. What a lovely way to decorate a tucked away space just for reading. We hate walking into the back of a chair, but we might have to flip these just so we could enjoy the view!

Crisp whites and beautiful blues for a master retreat…
And I need a writing desk. No use wasting all that shoreline inspiration. And no need for drawers at the beach. No paperwork!
What a welcoming place for guests to enjoy. We adore this French bed. Wonder where they found that precious blue phone?

A tub for soaking? Yes, please. We love how just the essentials are displayed on these shelves. When your toiletries are so lovely, there’s no need for closed cabinets.
Another space for guests. We love benches in guest rooms so that guests have a place to put their bags for easy access.

An outdoor shower is a must, must, must!

Little Will’s room! We love a custom bunk. It makes everything feel like more of an adventure. Of course, don’t worry, we’ll give him a couple more years in the crib first!

Such a cute bathroom for children. We love the low mirrors.
A great mudroom is so important at the beach so everyone has a place to stash his stuff. Sand is, of course, inevitable, but why add insult to injury by dragging sandy towels into the living room?
A perfect place for a quiet bite or cup of coffee.

A small patio would be just right for us. We’d love a space to eat and grill and laugh with good friends.

Every little boy needs a little boat. The one Will’s grandaddy got him might not be quite this fancy, but we think it’s equally as charming. And when he’s 21 I’ll let him take it out alone πŸ™‚ I think we could sit on the end of this dock for hours. Just watching the tide roll by…