Last week, the worst happened. (Well, I mean, you know, the worst in blogging land. Not even close to the worst worst.) We logged onto blogger like usual, and, instead of our blog popping up, a horrifying box appeared that said: “You are not the author on any blogs yet. Create one now to start blogging!”
Exclamation point? Seriously? That statement should not have come with an explanation point.

Surely I logged into the wrong account, I thought. 
Sign out. Sign in again. Same results. 
Needless to say, we were panicking. 132 posts. 800 followers. 846 email subscribers. 
Down. The. Drain.

We must have forgotten to renew our domain name. Nope.
Maybe we somehow violated a term of service. Um. No.

Fortunately, after two loooong days of fretting, wringing our hands and dead ends, in the same way it magically disappeared, our blog magically reappeared. Whew!

It’s true, my friends: You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. And, goodness, how we would have missed you all dearly. Thank you for all your visits, comments, emails and support. What started as a fun mother/daughter project has become such a wonderful way to connect with all of you, all over the world, who we never would have gotten to know otherwise. What a gift!

Now, more to point. It’s in the 60s here, and, while it’s nice to be outside, we’re missing winter. For your viewing pleasure, here are some lovely, snowy photos!

Always wanted a Defender…

I hope big Will is pulling little Will on a sled sometime soon to bring Mommy whatever is in that very large Tiffany box! Come to think of it, I might prefer a smaller one…