I ran across these pictures yesterday, of Will and my first house in New Bern. Pretty cute, right? It was right downtown, within walking distance of everything and about a quarter block from the river. If you leaned waaaay over the porch you had a water view ๐Ÿ™‚ We fell in love with it right away, but had no idea how to even begin decorating a house. We were terrified
A landscaper named… Hollywood. Yup. Seriously. That was his name. Still have his card. Old Hollywood wanted an embarrassing sum of money to landscape this massive front yard. Instead, professional planting by Beth and Kristy. Mom always makes fun of my lack of upper body strength, so, to prove her wrong, I dug the hole for that hydrangea all by myself. Proud moment.

My favorite part about this house is that that we didn’t buy one, stark piece of furniture in the entire place. We reupholstered things, bought accessories and had pillows made, but every piece was from some family members’ rental storage. It still amazes me how it all came together.

The only exception was this ottoman, which was a staggering purchase. It was on clearance for $19 at Marshall’s, and we had covered with this cute, green leopard.

Mom and Dad gave me this painting for my birthday. Notice how the candles look a little wobbly? I left three dozen hand-rolled beeswax candles in my trunk in the summer and was trying to save them. Soon after this photo, I gave it up.

That fireplace had plaster around it, and Will and I — holding our breaths the entire time — chipped it off. Thank goodness the brick went all the way around it. You never know what sort of surprises you might find in a house built in 1906.  

We had another couch here originally but replaced it with one purchased with credit from wedding gifts. There was a teeny, tiny bar, office and — the clencher — bathroom with clawfoot tub, across from these rooms.

Clearly, there was no kitchen remodeling happening here. But kitchens have been worse. I love how organized glass-front cabinets kept me!

Guest room! I love this bedding. There was a fireplace in this room too.
Irving Penn prints torn out of a Vogue issue and framed in Target frames.

The king mattress barely fit! But we did actually have room for a dresser and armoire on the other side, so that was good. There was a fireplace in here too.

Landscaping lovingly done by Mom and me. We didn’t need Hollywood.

We did redo this storage building and make it into a bedroom and bath. It was so cute, and I don’t have a single picture! My handy husband tiled it himself, and there was a lot of praying on my end. Dentist fingers and tile saws are a scary combination.

Isn’t is fun to reminisce? Happy, happy memories in our first house. Hope you all have a wonderful day!