Nancy Corzine Design via Ava Living
There are any number of elements that combine in a room to make it come together seamlessly.
Amelia Handegan Design via Southern Accents

But if we had to pick just one thing that makes an incredible impact, I think it would have to be the art.

Sandra Nunnerly Designer via Architectural Digest
When it comes to what adorns our walls, sometimes we feel like oils get all the press.
Charles Birdsong Design via Southern Living
But, as lovely as a painting can be, we absolutely adore botanical prints.

A wall of simply framed botanical prints like these can have such an enormous impact in a space and make it seem instantly bigger, brighter and more fun.
Ken Gemes Design
Change the scale and dress up the frames and those same prints can look elegant, refined and staid.
 Richard Hallberg Design via Veranda
We love the bold green of these prints and the way the frame seems to fade away, showcasing the print. The way the green is mirrored on the table is so fabulous!
Emma Burns Design
Mirrored frames are always a favorite, and we like how the white mats around these prints really set off the art inside.
Bunny Williams Design
There’s nothing better than a set of botanical prints to anchor a wall with a lot of floor-to-ceiling space.
Liz Williams Designer
This set is perhaps our favorite. The mats add such a subtle contrast and the frames are so sophisticated. You really can use a botanical print in any room! 
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