When we look at these beautiful photos, they make us want to build a new house, start from scratch, remedy all the things that we think could be “better” about our houses. You know, a bigger pantry, more kitchen cabinets, more closets. That kind of stuff.
But, then, we realize that we love old houses and are afraid of losing the charm and character they bring if we started over.
One of our favorite things about Smith and Vansant Architects is that they incorporate the fresh, clean look and amazing functionality that we crave, while adding all of those little details that sometimes get lost in new construction.
We don’t know if these doors are reclaimed or if they just look it, but, either way, they’re fabulous!

We should have had this in yesterday’s post! What a great way to add a bit of green to the bathroom!
What a beautiful, sunny spot for entertaining.

The first thing I would build in my “new” house would be a mudroom. I’m not a huge fan of shoes in the house, and this would be the perfect way to keep everything organized. Think of all the time I’d save if I never had to wander around looking for my pocketbook again!

Gorgeous floors! Again, I don’t know if they’re reclaimed, but they certainly look it!

The details here are so lovely. Isn’t that floor beautiful?

There is no such thing as a sink that’s too big. Fruits, veggies, baby bottles… I feel like mine is always full.  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!