Tria Giovan Photography
Don’t worry! This isn’t a post about juicing πŸ™‚ (Although, for the record, I finally got my Hurom, and it rocks!) Lately, I feel like every time I open a magazine or check my inbox, I’m running across some sort of article about interior air pollution. 
Christopher Peacock’s Kitchen
Especially since little Will has been born, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how clean the air in my house is. We’ve used green cleaners for years, and, after much adieu and a lot of complaining by painters (and my husband!), have had the formerly painted-shut windows in my house opened. But, now, I’m trying to take it a step further and incorporate more plants into the house to clean the air.
Braulio Casas Architects
Here’s the tricky part: House plants aren’t always beautiful.
Simply Seductive
Fortunately, it seems like these people have a handle on how to incorporate a little more green into their homes as an organic, lovely part of the decor, not an afterthought.
House of Windsor
In case you’re interested, here’s a list of plants that NASA says are great at cleaning the air inside our homes: English ivy, spider plant, golden pothos, peace lily, Chinese evergreen, bamboo or reed palm, snake plant, heartleaf philodendron, selloum philodendron, elephant ear philodendron, red-edged dracaena, cornstalk dracaena, Janet Craig dracaena, Warneck dracaena, weeping fig. As a person with the opposite of a green thumb, I have no idea what most of these are. So, now to find the pretty ones…
Christoper Stephens Interiors
The good news, though, is that basically anything with chlorophyll is going to make an impact. These awesome vases are making an impact of a whole different kind… I think they’d make even a beauty-challenged plant look good.
Steven Gambrel Design
This tree in the kitchen is seriously cool.
Home Designing
This bamboo is crisp and modern looking. Love it.
Ashley Goforth Design
A plant looks much better when it’s potted in something pretty. I thought the more formal rooms in our house were going to be the most challenging to green up, but maybe I was wrong! (Yup. I said, “green up.” You like that?)

Thanks to these gorgeous photos, I feel like I’m full of ideas. Now it’s off to the nursery! Hope you all have a fabulous week!