Good design should be pleasing to eye, obviously. But what really sets apart the good designers from the great is the ability to not only create a space that looks beautiful, but also makes us feel a certain way.

From right-at-home warmth in the comfort of your own backyard…

to “Hand me my shades, I’m in Hollywood,”
whatever the feel they’re trying to achieve, the experts of S. Russell Groves’ choices are always in good taste.
We’re really into combining elements these days, and this kitchen is just what we’re talking about. Clean, sleek, modern steel and classic, elegant marble meet the outdoorsy, laid-back feel of exposed beams and reclaimed floors. Combining the old and new to literally create the best of both worlds.
Simply stunning. We want to curl up here with a good book and stay awhile.

Multiple seating areas in a family room are so fantastic. We don’t know what’s on that coffee table, but we want it too!
These designers incorporate color just as well as they stick with neutrals. This breakfast room is just so fun. It’s sophisticated enough for adults but laid-back for kids as well. That can be a hard balance to strike.
Mom got that little sheep for Will for Easter, and it is about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen 🙂 We love how this room has a little something for everyone — including built-in storage.

Simply looking at this picture is relaxing. We’re feeling super-inspired now. Hope you are too!