I own one green item of clothing. A cashmere turtleneck purchased specifically for the purposes of St. Patrick’s Day.
Pat Healing Design via House Beautiful
Normally this time of year we’re having Spring snows in North Carolina, so something warm is seasonally appropriate. Right now, I’m sitting outside with Will as I’m typing this. It’s going to be 79 degrees all week. Trust me, I’m not complaining.
Elaine Griffin Interiors
But I’m thinking perhaps it might be time to expand the green wardrobe to include one piece for warmer weather. 
Moic Richard Photography
Or maybe I can just add some fabulous green touches inside my house and call it a day.
J. Savage Photography Coastal Living Magazine
These green kitchen floors are one of our all-time favorite interior decor touches. Beach house file!
J. Savage Photography via Coastal Living Magazine
Or maybe some gorgeous tulips with green stems would be enough.
Finding something cute and holiday-appropriate for little Will should be an easier task. I want to make him green eggs and ham like Mom always made me, but I think that’s going to have to wait until next year. Wonder what he would think about a little green food coloring in his milk? Hmmmm….
Ahhh… If only my St. Patrick’s day plans included somewhere to wear something like this. I’m pretty sure this won’t be appropriate for dinner in Charleston at a rooftop bar.

Come to think of it, I do have a fabulous green, sequin dress. Sequins and flip flops? 😉

Home is where the heart is

Perhaps a fabulous emerald would be a good investment. (Honey, are you reading this??) How do you make sure you don’t get pinched?