Gary Spain
When we’re looking to add pizzaz, pillows are always one of our first choices.
Life of Polarn Per
Just a little splash of something interesting can make a big impact, and, even better, we can splurge on a really fabulous fabric since we only need a bit!

Palmer Weiss
Mixing up the colors and patterns is great, but adding dimension with a fun shape is even better.
Lisa Sherry Interiors
That’s why we love, love, love bolsters! And this might be one of the coolest uses of a bolster we’ve seen yet.
Darryl Carter Design
This bolster adds a hint of interest to this classic, neutral room.

 Solis Betancourt

Bolsters are a great place to add pattern because they’re easy to recover if you want a fresh look.
We love bolsters in the backs of chairs and chaises because they’re super comfortable. Plus, they’re a great way to make a chaise look more inviting without the awkwardness of trying a large pillow.
Betsy Brown Interiors
Making a bolster out of animal skin remnants is a simple, inexpensive way to incorporate the look of hide into a room.

We love window seats, but sometimes they just aren’t comfortable. A bolster is a great place to rest your back (or head!) making it a more reader-friendly space!
Tracery Interiors
Nothing gives the bed a finished feeling like a beautiful bolster. It’s the perfect touch! We hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday!