A throw for reading.
Reynolds Still
An extra cover for chilly nights.
An amazing living room accent.
Erica George Dines Photographer
Anywhere, any time, any place, we love an Hermes blanket.
Tommy Smythe Design
As the ultimate room accessory, it makes a subtle statement like no other.
Courtney Cox’s House
You might say it’s the Birkin of interior design.
M. Elle Design
They’re all fabulous, but, hands down, the orange is our favorite. 

It’s so classic Hermes. 

Veranda Magazine
But we’d take any color, really.
Simply. Stunning. I can just see this blanket draped over the arm of my couch… With a little spit up running down the side… Maybe it would be better to wait a few years after all! 
Halfway to the weekend! Any exciting plans?