Backen, Gillam and Kroeger architects might be best known right now for their stint as Restoration Hardware retail space designers, but, we must admit, it is their residential prowess that really has us drooling. Attention to detail and an unwavering sense of balance and style are just a few things that caught our eye. From the large to the very, very small, we think you’ll agree that these architects’ choices are always in good taste.
Forget the kids. We want to hang out in this club house!
Will tried to talk me into getting chickens this weekend. (He claimed, “Little Will wants them.” He’s 6-months old.) Had I known that a chicken coop could be this gorgeous, and I could retrieve the eggs out of stylish little doors my answer might have been different.
Sometimes we aren’t sure how we feel about open-concept living, but there’s no doubt that this one-room setup is beyond amazing!
The biggest shame is when a picturesque setting is only yards away and the living space doesn’t take advantage of it. This dining room and outdoor area are so well thought out, taking advantage of every inch of that breathtaking view.
Check out the symmetry and balance here. Perfection!
We adore how this fireplace blends right in with the surroundings.
Window seats are simply the best spots for dreaming and lounging… or dreaming about having time to lounge.
What a welcoming entrance! From the steps to the landscaping to the open windows, everything about this home is charming. 
We hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!