Barbara Cosgrove

 Happy Monday, everyone! Yesterday we braved the rain and unseasonably freezing weather and headed — for the first time ever — to the High Point Market! When we read that it occupied 475,000 square feet, it sounded enormous, but we couldn’t quite wrap our minds around it until we were there, driving around in awe of the building after building after building that comprised this massive effort. Needless to say, we only made it to a small fraction yesterday, but what we saw we absolutely loved. We thought we’d share some of our favorites with all of you today! 

Natural Curiosities
I think this piece of art, called “Cooking the Books,” was one of my favorite things at the show. It is comprised of romance novels (like Jane Austen, not Nora Roberts — although she’s pretty fab too) that are dipped in tea and aged in the sun. It’s supposed to be a comment on our economic situation. Frankly, between Dad and Will, I am not in need of any more reminders about our current economic situation. But I think it’s a fabulous piece all the same!
Dwell Studios
If there was one major takeaway on trends from this year’s market, it’s not looking good for our four-legged friends. Animal hides, bone inlay and horns were EVERYWHERE. This paper mache head from Dwell Studios is a great way to incorporate the trend without the animal rights implications. Wouldn’t this be so cool in a kid’s room?

Currey and Company

Statement lighting was the name of the game. These were some of our favorite sconces. Cute, right?

Mr. Brown Paris Lantern
Bone inlay lighting? We’ve never seen such a thing, but it is so fabulous! 
Mr. Brown  Galaxy Chandelier
Mr. Brown bone inlay sconce
Another fabulous sconce.

Bringing the outdoors in was definitely another huge theme that thrilled us. 

Isn’t it amazing what Mother Nature can create… and what skilled craftsmen can create using Mother Nature?
 Studio A
We hope you aren’t sick of it because gold, gold, gold was everywhere. We say, bring on the glitter! Especially when it’s in the form of these funky candlesticks!

Outdoors and gold. And glittery sea life, of course. We like the table. Not sure about the fish… It could definitely be a touch of whimsy!
Currey and Co.
These horns were especially beautiful. 
Global Views
We aren’t sure we would want to commit to a huge piece of furniture or mirror to incorporate the chain we saw quite a bit of, but these mirrored trays were pretty. 
Global Views
Check out the chain on these lanterns (and you can see a hint of a mirror!). We thought these little sheep were just the cutest things. 

Thank you to all of you who advised us on what to skip and what we couldn’t possibly miss. You helped make our day so much fun and kept it from being totally overwhelming. We are going to get down, dirty and in depth on market trends on Houzz once we put in a little more time and research. 

 We hope you all have a great day!