You know you’re mildly behind when you post your Friday post on Monday…
brown eyed belle
Little Will was baptized on Sunday, so we had a fun-filled weekend of events with all of our family and friends in town.
pretty stuff
He was such a little trooper and didn’t whimper one bit the entire service.
pretty stuff
He did splash his hands around in the baptismal font… Extra blessings, we hope.
crush cul-de-sac
This post was inspired by what I was going to wear to the event.
Life of Polarn Per
A super cute black-and-white stripe top and coat.
Gisele on the runway
Wouldn’t you know, the top never arrived. And while this look is fashionable for Gisele on the runway, it’s less so for me at church.
crush cul-de-sac
I wore something else, but this post is an homage to the outfit that should have been.
pretty stuff
This is what I would have liked to have lounged in afterwards. And for the rest of the summer. Love the big, lemon stripes.
belle of the ball
Mom was a little chilly, so she would have preferred to implement her stripes with more cover. And I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to look this stylish while running errands? (Or putting away endless mounds of china, crystal and silver, as we were…)
Fortunately, spending special time with family and friends is wonderful no matter what you’re wearing!

Hoping your Monday feels like a Friday πŸ˜‰