Patrick Ahearn Architect
More than just a place to park your car, a garage — when done right — is an integral part of the home.
Patrick Ahearn Architect
Still on the search for the perfect beach house, we recently thought, “Why not find a great lot and build?” A gorgeous garage was on the top of our list for things we’d need — and inspired this post!
Rob Bramhall Architects
Keeping our cars out of the salt air is great, sure. But, when it comes to garages, we love the idea of creating extra space for guests. 

Austin Patterson Disston

A charming suite up top complete with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen gives guests privacy while still letting them be a part of the fun.

Oak Hill Architects

Extra room for guests or no, isn’t it nice when a garage is a seamless part of the home, not an afterthought? This one is particularly well done, we think.
Ferguson and Shamamian Architect

What a view! Incorporating the garage underneath the home was so smart in this spot. The higher the porch, the better the lookout spot.

Meyer Architects
Detached garages can add charm — and work well when they are added later — but there’s nothing better when it’s raining outside and you have a car full of kids, groceries, etc. than to be able to slide right in your door without getting a drop on you!
Real Carriage Doors
When it comes to garages, it is all about the garage doors isn’t it? We love the charm of these carriage doors. Side note: I bet I’d have muddy tire marks in those gorgeous grass rows in about ten minutes.
This garage is simply stunning. It looks time-worn and antique enough that we wouldn’t be surprised one bit if pulling back those doors revealed a horse-drawn carriage. Or it could be stacks of old boxes… But we love it either way. So maybe our moms were wrong after all. Sometimes it’s the outside that’s most important!