Leontine Linens
We think we’ll always love the classic simplicity of gorgeous monogrammed linens.
Leontine Linens
Competitors exist, sure, but no one does a monogram like Leontine, do they? This pillow case has my boys’ monogram on it when it’s turned sideways. Maybe they’d give me a discount… 
Leontine Linens
 Mom has Leontine bedding, and I try to be happy for her about it since I do not have Leontine bedding ๐Ÿ˜‰ Perhaps I could start my Leontine life with these gorgeous napkins, you know, get my feet wet.
The Enchanted Home
We have never, ever seen a monogrammed window shade. What a cute idea, especially in a space like this where curtains would be a little tricky. 
The Enchanted Home
Gray is so serene. Our favorite use of a monogram is to tie in the room’s colors on plain white bedding — starched, please. 
 I MUST get this for Will. We have half of a cow coming our way, so he’s going to be doing a lot of grilling… (Yes. I said half a cow.)
Elle Decor

Monograms aren’t just for prissy rooms. This bolder font goes beautifully in a room with a masculine feel.
Side note: Chaises are one of our favorite things in life, and it’s so tricky to put them at the end of beds. They totally pulled it off!

 My wedding napkins ๐Ÿ™‚
 Love these monogrammed pillows in my living room!  
 Little Will’s bathroom towels. 
 This is the bedding in Will’s nursery. I love this Old English monogram. It’s sweet but boyish enough that he can have it for a few years. This duvet took an entire roll of thread!
These are the shams. And Cloud the Cat. Will LOVES Cloud. For the first time since he was born, Will is longer than Cloud. It sort of makes me sad. 
Mom and I just had a bridesmaid’s luncheon for one of my sweet friends. I wasn’t sure about monogramming the cake, but I think it turned out cute. Plus, how can you not monogram the cake when the bride’s new monogram is MRS? 

What do you think about monograms? Are you a fan or no?