Anne Decker Architect
A few days ago, Mom and I were pondering a plain cathedral ceiling. The height was great, and we knew a statement light fixture would spruce the space. But that would only get us so far.

House of Turquoise
After a few minutes of deliberation, we decided that paneling was a must! 
Catalano Architects
We adore the charm of paneling and how instantly it transforms a wall, especially that pesky, overlooked fifth one.
Jane Churchill Design
This kitchen is undeniably adorable. The splash of pink is so sweet, but it’s the ceiling that really caps it off for us.

Suzie Anderson Home
Especially in a room that is paneled from floor to ceiling, we like the warmth of keeping the ceiling dark.
Roughan Interior Design
We are having a little kitchen envy. The copper vent hood, those gorgeous tiled wall. We think we might cook more in this room… Or at least make more tea.
Heather Bullard Photography
Whenever we get in the mood that a totally white room will be boring, a picture like this brings us back to our senses.
Erin Martin Design
We generally think of painted paneling for beach homes, cottages and other casual spaces. This is a great reminder that it works in a more sophisticated spot as well.
Life of Polarn Per
We adore these floors! So gorgeous!

Could this room have any more character? A place for sleeping, eating, chatting and storing all our books… We think we could live right here. Who needs a kitchen anyway?

Everything Fabulous
A perfect way to end the post! Painted paneling, a chandelier, a white hide… these are a few of our favorite things 🙂
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