When it comes to stunning design, mastering that particular combination of timeless charm and modern appeal is a delicate balancing act. Robert A.M. Stern’s team of architects, landscape architects and interior designers makes it look effortless, as evidenced by these stunning photos. (Their namesake is, after all, dean of the Yale School of Architecture.) We hope you’ll agree that, from floor to ceiling and everything in between, these architects’ work is in good taste.
What we love most about these architects is that, while everything is clean and classic, each room contains just a touch of something out of the ordinary. The rope swings on this sunroom are to die for!
The extra built-in sides on this window seat are just a bit different.
Boring ceilings? No way!
The combination of the old and new in this bathroom appeals to us so much. It’s glamorous and relaxing at the same time. We wouldn’t be afraid to mess it up!
Blue gray cabinet doors are stunning by the sea. 
Even the staircase is a work of art.
A built-in nook is just the best! What a beautiful spot for a guest!
We hope your Wednesday is going great!