Villandry in Loire Valley
Lately Will and I have been obsessed with the idea of planting crops in our backyard. It seems like such a romantic notion to be able to pick organic fruits, vegetables and herbs out of the yard and eat them immediately — or have a party where everyone gets to make their own salad right out of the yard. 
Southern Accents — a Kentucky home’s kitchen garden
We have the perfect sunny bed right outside our kitchen. It currently houses some rather sad looking roses, as I’m not thrilled by the idea of having all those chemicals sprayed so close to where my baby plays… and eats. For that reason, I’m thinking it needs to be a raised bed garden so that we can have all fresh soil.
Mick Kopetsky Landscape Designer
BUT. My major hang up has been that I couldn’t imagine that food gardens could be that pretty… 
Laura at Lulu’s View’s vegetable garden
I’m happy to see that I’m so incredibly wrong! I can’t think of much I would rather see outside my window.
We might have to put some netting up because the bunnies would have a heyday out there!
Jonathan Lovekin Photographer
This is such a stunning space filled with lettuce, tomatoes, corn, peas and a variety of other crops. Yum, yum! I can just see little Will out there picking peas — in a few years, of course.
We tend to get overenthusiastic about things and go all in before really planning, so we’re taking our time with this one. (Plus, we have 12 weeks left in a CSA where we get more produce than we can eat!) So, who out there have a food garden in their yard? What are your favorite crops? Do you think a couple of boxes of plants would be a lot of work?

Happy Monday, friends! We hope you all have a fantastic week!