Maybe it’s because they symbolize wholeness and completion (Isn’t that, after all, what we’re all striving for in our homes?) but we think circles in design are a a beautiful thing. 
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle
This decorative mirrored panel is such a light-filled alternative to glass-front cabinets for anyone who wants a kitchen style a little less ordinary — or for anyone who can’t keep their cabinets organized enough for glass fronts…
Eric Henderson Design
The sides of these chairs have such an openness about them.
Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz Design
LOVE this light fixture!
Kathleen Hay Designs
A mirror does look a little snazzier when it gets all dolled up.
Kathleen Hay Designs
The repetition of the circles in the chairs and over the mantle gives this room a sense of balance and completion. The whole thing is so soothing and uncluttered.
If you’re going to see the back or sides of a chair it’s so nice when they’re pretty!
Annie Selke Designer
This pair of coffee tables is a great concept. It really connects the seating areas.
Domino Magazine
This sideboard is such a fabulous focal point!
Herlong Architects
What do you think about circles in design? Do you have any in your home? 
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