Hi, friends! We hope you all had a wonderful Monday. We didn’t get to Beaufort this week, so not much to report, but, the good news is, that means double progress for next week! One of the first things we need to pick for the house is the light fixtures, and we have a few things that we’re considering. 
For the kitchen, these clean, simple, white pendants with silver on the inside are one of our possible picks.
But we also are partial to sleek, chrome fixtures like these, especially since we’re thinking of using this kind of bar stool. 
Another cool pendant choice for the kitchen. This one is a little more rustic.
These are so gorgeous! Which would you pick for your kitchen?
We’re pretty set on this driftwood sphere for the living room. It adds that rustic, beachy touch while still being fabulous.
We are thinking of this oyster shell fixture for the dining room. The intricate detail of it is amazing.
This gorgeous shell chandelier is one of our favorite choices for the entrance hall. 
Aren’t these great for the downstairs master? A splash of gold is always fun! 
Thanks for stopping by and following our progress.