Our fabulous, talented and, most important, super sweet friend Kendall Boggs must find inspiration in this steamy summer weather because she has been painting away and results are, we must say, amazing!
Her new series on churches blew us away.
The colors and detail are simply stunning!
And barns are a favorite sighting for us in N.C. We’d love to have one hanging on our walls!
These incredible trees are our favorite, though. The colors and textures are so dreamy.
We’re dying for one in Beaufort. We’d better jump because her paintings fly off her site as fast as they come for sale!
She may have fresh, creative, brilliant ideas around every corner, but we can’t deny that Kendall’s dress paintings will always have a special place in our hearts. We want our clothes to be art, so why not the other way around?
Thanks for stopping by today, and be sure to visit Kendall at her blog home — if you’re lucky she might even have a painting left! Don’t forget to wish her a very happy birthday. We think she’s only getting better!
We hope you have a relaxing weekend!