It’s not really a surprise that Kelly Harmon’s work has been featured everywhere from House Beautiful to Ideal Home to Town & Country.
The homes she designs are “meant to free their occupants of the pressures and tensions of today’s modern Urbanist’s lifestyle and reintroduce them to life’s simpler things.”
Doesn’t that sound absolutely lovely?
We don’t think one could help but feel free surrounded by natural beauty like this.
But, of course, as we all know, interiors that match the exterior certainly do help.
Even the kids’ room is relaxed, airy and sophisticatedly simple.
Rustic yet refined. Does it get any better?
Harmon is known for integrating antiques into every decor. Even the bathroom gets a hint of history!
This antique island is the ideal touch of age in a modern kitchen.

The woodwork and floors here are absolutely divine.
We hope your Labor Day weekend was divine as well. Thanks for visiting today!