Town and Country Kitchen
 When it comes to style in the kitchen, nothing beats the look and durability of natural stone.
Cornerstone Group Architects
We adore marble, sure, but if the natural etching and staining that can occur is something that you find bothersome, using it in a space where work prep doesn’t take place as much is a great bet.
If you equate granite only with shiny black, it’s time to take another look.
Caitlin Wilson Design
In creamy tans or even white whites, granite can be a fabulous replacement for even the most devoted white marble lover.
We adore the look of black honed granite, it’s modern yet classic look.
And for the chopping, cutting, grinding and hot-plate placement that so often takes place in the kitchens of even an amateur cook, nothing beats the strength and versatility of granite.
These brass cabinets are simply stunning. And the black granite on top is a perfect finishing touch.
Madeline Stuart
A stunning white granite lightens up a kitchen and looks amazing with hardwood floors.
Jonathan Berger Design
A simple cabinet design with a more eye-catching top is also a great look.
CWB Architects
Gray and silver are a winning kitchen combination.
Sarah Richardson Design
What’s your pick for gorgeous kitchen countertops? We hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!